Friday, January 14, 2011

Missing The Point Of Wikileaks

The diplomatic cables were child's play. Let us get that out of the way. They were amusing in that they showed an empire with little respect for the other nations of the world in the face of its impending collapse.

The government and their lackeys in the media have latched onto the cables as the centerpiece of their criticism of Wikileaks. This is only more expected than it is stupid. Glenn Greenwald made jokes out of a CNN reporter and a Dubya employee.

But the cables should not be portrayed as the most important leak from Assange's project. Consider the far more important examples of whistle blowing:
1. The Afghan and Iraq War Diaries -These 2001-9 field reports show an occupation greatly frustrated with the [non-existent] progress in both countries.
2. The insane and brutal mass murder (caught on tape) of Reuters employees in Iraq from a helicopter gun ship. They were in plain clothes, carrying camera equipment, and were chatting on a break.
3. But most of all, I want to focus on the Afghan pedophile ring for which the American military is covering.

If you have never heard of Bacha bazi, I suggest you take any kind of anti-nausea medicine available before continuing. In a nutshell:
1. It is a pre-Islamic tribal tradition. In fact, one of the only positive accomplishments of the Taliban was the suppression of this practice.
2. Men, even married men, can take a "boy lover" and indulge is sexual activities with them.
3. The practitioners of this are tribal warlords, i.e., the people who attack our supply routes.
4. They also do not consider the act homosexual because they don't love the boy, but are merely fulfilling a physical need (which is what I thought spouses are for...).
While the American establishment continues to accuse Julian Assange of illusory crimes, this story is forced to the backburner.

But it MUST be brought to light. This is because the tribal warlords are being bribed with cash to not attack convoys while simultaneously, their practice is ignored. Where does this money come from?

No one needs ponder this more than 0.7 seconds. Like all horrible things our government does, it is paid for by the US taxpayer, you and me.

This is an unacceptable situation. Someone brave enough must bring it up to Obama if he ever holds another propaganda rally in their area. He is likely clueless.

Wikileaks exists to expose to the world what governments do behind their citizens' backs. This is not a bad thing. The only people who would think it is a bad thing are totalitarians.

And that's the whole point in the first place.
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