Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Open Letter To Obama's Disillusioned Supporters

To any with Vote Cast Regret Syndrome:

Now, I certainly love to point out being right, but look past my sarcasm. Please consider my message for you.

As Barack Obama was vaulted from smooth-talking Senator to President-elect, libertarians and others against the omnipotent and centralized state laid out their warnings:

1. The economic downturn would get worse.
2. There would be no withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan.
3. Little of substance would change in Iran-US relations.

Like Americans in the 1930s, you were taken aback by the speed, depth, and range of the recent economic mayhem. Promised FDR-style changes, you embraced bigger government.

Think back to Fall 2008. Things started falling apart faster than our minds could process. We were shocked, scared, confused. As humans, our emotions cloud our better judgment. Just like the 1930s, economic nonsense took hold across our battered country. They have become sound bytes, but they are no less true: "We cannot borrow our way out of debt or spend our way to prosperity." It is illogical.

Economics is known as the dismal science, a phrase that discourages laypeople from delving into it and leaving it all up to "the experts." Experts gave us our present situation.

But in all honesty, it IS easy to understand. The very foundation of economics changed with the Great Depression. What we know as economics today is actually econometrics, or essentially: math. Ultimately, it is nonsense because it is impossible to micromanage the lives of millions based on charts and formulas. Rather, the superior foundation is verbal logic. The reason for this is straight-forward. Economics studies how people interact with each other through trade. In this sense, think of the subject as a division of sociology. Economics = the sociology of trade.

And therefore you most certainly CAN understand it. I am quite sure many of you describe yourselves as liberals or leftists and see government intervention into the economy as necessary. This message to you is not meant to be a comprehensive defense of the free market, but simply a philosophical primer and invitation to further study the concepts that affect us all.

May 20th, 2010 was when we were promised a withdrawal from Iraq. Though an end to "combat operations" has been declared (again, though thankfully not from a jackass in a flight suit), and troop levels are far lower, a garrison remains. And that is the unique mark of our empire.

Barack Obama made clear throughout his campaign that he would shift focus from Iraq to Afghanistan. The half-ass "peace movement" that gave Obama the White House simply ignored the clear-as-day promises made to aggressively ramp up Afghan-Pakistani operations. This move makes sense to many people, since supposedly that was where the 9/11 mastermind was given safe haven. Nearly a decade later, the important thing to remember is that Afghanistan is virtually uncontrollable with localized tribal loyalties and an impossible terrain. Every occupier has learned the hard way.

Afghanistan has cost us over 1,200 soldiers and 300 billion dollars. It's time to wise up. Leaving is as easy as walking out.

And finally, no progress has been made with Iran, but the situation has deteriorated. The last hope of a meaningful and peaceful change of power in Tehran was crushed by escalating rhetoric from US and Israeli hawks and their systematic campaign to nudge the world into accepting sanctions against Iran. Like the Gazans with Hamas and the South Lebanese with Hezbollah, Iranians who see a superpower threatening to bomb their country over nothing gravitate toward hardliners for protection. The Green Movement has begged the West to cool it with the propaganda and sanctions. But the goal is war, and it always has been.

I urge you to research this situation with Iran because it has ramifications for the entire world and our future for years. And all for a lie.

An utter lie. You have likely heard on the news how Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. There is only one way to describe such an assertion: counter-factual. Iran is thoroughly inspected for diversion of any nuclear materials from energy to weapons development. There is not one iota of evidence to suggest any moves toward weaponization have been made since 2003. And yet the vermin we call the media lie day in and day out.

1:130. That is the ratio of American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to Iranian militiamen. That is a conservative estimate on how many Iranians will react with rage to their country being bombed over invisible nuclear weapons. Our troops are exhausted, theirs will be furious. I fear we may lose virtually, if not literally, all of our soldiers before sending reinforcements can even be considered.

And naturally, how can we stand by while thousands of Americans are being killed? That is why this war so dangerous: it has the very real potential to spiral into total war very quickly.

And so, disappointed Obama supporter, I implore you to leave behind your wonderment of this man. It is certainly fascinating that he can both lie and be brutally honest simultaneously. Perhaps the most tragic part of all this is that Barack Obama is the only one who can stop this war by publicly muzzling Israel. That will never happen, of course.

What should you do? Buy canned goods. Follow this bill. Be ready to run into the nearest and thickest forest.

Welcome to the 2010's.

Partly sarcastic, but mostly sincere,
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