Friday, June 11, 2010

We Kill Kittens, Too!

As if America's dogs cried "discrimination!" at the ever more prevalent use of force by US police officers on target residences' canine live-ins, now we have an example of a trigger happy officer trapping a cat and shooting it in cold blood because the poor thing scratched him after getting caught in a cage.

It turns out that the kitten belonged to none other than Officer Houston's little neighbor, a birthday present from his mother, Andrea Evans. According to the thug's story, he felt threatened by what he thought was a rabid stray cat. This is quite doubtful since his sons played with the kitten and Mrs. Evan's son regularly.

But regardless, what we have here is another example of the highly dangerous and infectious hunger for power and the authoritarian mindset that consumes those who get it. With American police essentially federalized and militarized, the men on the ground easily surrender to this attitude. Across the nation, mostly due to the drug war, officers expect immediate, unequivocal submission, lest they simply shoot (And sometimes, that isn't even good enough). Anyone that even seems to threaten them -and as we see, even terrified, cornered animals that annoy them- is fair game.

Mrs. Evans immediately phoned the Sheriff's Department to report the incident. In one of the rare times the legal system has sanctioned their enforcement arm, misdemeanor charges were filed while Houston was fired.

Justice, perhaps, but would this have ever happened were the mentality of police excess purged from American law enforcement? Besides all the horrific death, the effects are disastrous on society. These two neighbors have cut each other off, forbidding the children from playing with each other.

America's creeping tyranny, while punished this time, continues to rip our nation to shreds.

RIP Rowdy!
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