Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sexiest Spy Ever, Coming Soon

I simply refuse to believe that any of the 10-11 alleged Russian spies that were arrested recently are guilty of their charges.

Amazingly, none have actually been charged with spying activity, but rather "failure to register as a foreign agent" and money laundering.

Perhaps I am thinking with a certain appendage, but I do not want to believe this gorgeous creature is working for Moscow. The "evidence" of her recording information to send to "the centre" (presumably Moscow) is actually the beauty spouting off about how great America is in general and NYC is in particular: "New York is a different story. You can go for a dinner with your neighbor and meet a top venture capitalist...It's the strongest, largest, and the most solid community anywhere." Sounds like the kind of immigrant I want here. And looks like one, too.

Yeah, she definitely seems like this working to uncover state secrets.

Also among the arrested are several couples who have been in the same neighborhood for decades raising families.

People can say "What's so crazy about Russians spying on the US?" Indeed, and perhaps these incredibly ordinary people ARE deep-cover spies. I wouldn't blame Russia for spying on the nation that tries to run its hemisphere. But the case is too weak. These are normal people. Suggesting that they naturally seem like ordinary people for the very fact that they are undercover is plainly absurd. The people MAKING this argument are ordinary people, so they, too, must be spies right? I'm a spy too, since I like pizza and block parties.

The timing of these arrests is very interesting. As the buzz in the foreign media are the movements by Israeli and US forces to prepare for an attack on Iran, we are trying to demonize a major power that has so much to lose in an Iran war.

So while I love all the pictures of the gorgeous Anna, the big picture of geopolitics is more important. We live in a fragile world after the ravages of the past two years, and the triggers for widespread chaos are in the very itchy hands of a few.
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