Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Libertarians Win Before The Debate Begins

This article has been moved here, with a cooler name and minor tweaks :-)


  1. Hi,

    I was a Libertarian, but on closer study I have rejected it. I have written more than one essay venting against libertarians on my website. I would love to hear your answers.


  2. Hello, thanks for your comment.

    First thing: You used the Big-L, which when not part of a title (like my article) or the beginning of a sentence refers specifically the US Libertarian Party, which I have no love for.

    But I bet you mean the philosophy as a whole.

    I tried to click on your name but it just let to an error page. My views, as well, have evolved since I began this blog two years ago.

    I would not even use the word "libertarian" to principally describe my views anymore, but the blog has long been named. I suppose the better term is individualist.

    What led you, as an individual, to reject libertarianism, a philosophy based on the fact of the existence of the individual?